Intrusion Detection

Burglar (or intrusion), alarms are systems designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or area. They consist of an array of sensors, a control panel and alerting system and interconnections. Sensors detect intruders by many methods such as monitoring door and window contacts, by passive infrared motion detectors, ultrasound, vibration, electric or magnetic fields, or microwaves. Sensors may be directly wired to a control panel that provides the sensor with power or they may communicate wirelessly.

Some alarm systems serve a single purpose of burglar or fire protection. Combination systems provide both fire and intrusion protection. Intrusion alarm systems may also be combined with closed-circuit television surveillance systems to automatically record the activities of intruders and may interface with access control systems for electrically locked doors. Systems range from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated, multi-zoned systems with color-coded computer monitor outputs. And this is how our expertise will come to help you to implement the integrated security system solution backup by our business partner UTC Fire & Security.

We at Security 1 can work easily and efficiently to seamlessly integrate your mission-critical physical security system infrastructure.

We know that security is a top concern for you and your business. Though you’re serious about security, without an integrated solution you could be compromising the safety of the people and property you are committed to protect. Your security solution includes independent applications that manage a number of complex systems, each with a different look and feel. You will find an opportunity to adapt these new applications to your existing infrastructure and more effectively monitor your integrated Burglar Alarms, Access Control and Fire Alarm Systems in multiple sites. Our software provides complete control of DVR's and PTZ cameras in case of Burglar, Access Control or Fire alarms to enable immediate live verification.

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