Video Surveillance

Security1 is specialized in the design, Installation, Maintenance, Servicing and support of Analogue and I.P Network based CCTV systems. Operating from Sitra, we supply and install quality systems for the domestic, commercial, industrial, military and public sectors. Our highly trained staff are involved in all aspects of the project from the initial design, through to the installation, implementation and the training of the operators and site managers. Our engineering team undergoes regular technical training from our partners to ensure they are fully updated on new equipment models and lines. 

CCTV cameras are now common place in most environments with a vast array of equipment available. As a professional installation company, we will always provide the best solution to meet your requirement and of course your budget.

We can install your CCTV with optimal security and effectiveness. The right location of cameras and the correct angles are vital when accurately identifying intruders and recording activity.
We will listen to your requirements and develop a CCTV system which is perfect for you and your business or domestic property.

Please feel free to browse through our References list and you will see the many Government entities and businesses that trust Security1 for their specific CCTV needs.

CCTV Services

  • We design, supply, install and maintain quality CCTV systems
  • We have a wide product range of analogue and I.P Network systems to suit all budgets and requirements
  • FREE site surveys and quotations
  • All work carried out to the highest standard by professional installers
  • Quality CCTV equipment at realistic prices
  • Dedicated support and Maintenance contract packages
  • Takeover and rectification of existing systems

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Commercial / Industrial CCTV Installations

We can install tailor made CCTV systems for commercial and industrial premises ranging from 1 to 1000+ cameras over multi sites, offering either on site recording or off-site remote viewing monitoring stations.

Whether the system is for:-
• Site security
• Health and safety monitoring
• Staff monitoring
• Machine / product management
• Or a mixture of all of the above

We will design a professional system to ensure all your requirements are catered for. We can also integrate CCTV into your existing computer network to allow you to observe it using your PC.

Small Business / Retail CCTV Installations

Obvious displays of security cameras can help to deter criminals as well as recording evidence for later prosecution.
We can provide cost effective solutions for your CCTV surveillance which can help to protect staff from general intimidation, violence, general theft or even robberies.

A lot of small businesses suffer badly from theft and vandalism. Sadly, it's not always shoplifters or street vandals who are causing the damage, and quite often it can be your own members of staff who are skimming the profits or helping themselves to stock. All of our CCTV recorders have the ability to offer remote internet access (if required). This can be useful for checking staff activity and attendance from home or anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Residential CCTV Installations

Installing a simple user friendly CCTV camera system in your home can give you the peace of mind you need to relax and feel safe. This added home security also offers reassurance while on holiday and through the night that your home and outbuildings are secure.

We're highly skilled at assessing your property to determine the best camera position for maximum coverage. And finally, once your home CCTV system is installed we will show you exactly how to use, review and back up any of the recordings.

All of our systems are provided with a full warranty on the cameras and the installation.

Remote CCTV

Smart phones, including the I-phone and I-pad, can now be used to access your CCTV images securely from anywhere in the world.
We also lead the way in Networkable CCTV recorders and cameras, pioneering the latest technology to transmit quality Closed Circuit TV images over LANs/WANs and the Internet.