Alarm Control Center

  • It seems that when the term ARC is used people tend to think in terms of alarm monitoring only, when this activity is really only one of several technologies that can be introduced to monitoring.
  • Due to the tremendous advances in technology in recent years it is now possible to obtain smaller, faster and cheaper systems. More importantly is the ability to inter-connect these systems under single enterprise management software located in an ARC.
  • The Security1 ARC can receive almost any type of security or safety related alarm signal and provide a rapid and coordinated response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Security1 ARC will monitor any number of systems including intruder, fire, personal attack and stolen vehicle recovery alarms. The ARC will provide security systems installers throughout Bahrain to provide remote monitoring and call handling services on behalf of their customers.

What this provides is the ability for a single operator to monitor and control several systems from one console position. Some of these systems are mentioned below, but the list is not limited to these systems only. Virtually any system requiring monitoring, tracking, viewing, response or control may be interfaced into a CMS operation. Analogue or digital signals may be monitored and these may be from many industries such as power, oil & gas, manufacturing etc. Imagination is the only limiting factor.

Some of the Systems Monitored

CORE Elements

  • Intruder
  • Fire      
  • CCTV
  • Medical
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • VIP Tracking


  • Child Movement
  • Prison Movement
  • Hotel Freezers
  • Lifts
  • Remote Generators
  • Support Systems
  • Life Support Systems
  • Key Communication Centres

Communication Types

  • GSM
  • ISDN
  • PSTN

Video Monitoring

The remote video monitoring services can be provided to meet specific customer requirements and risks. The Three main categories of monitoring are as follows:
      • Visual Alarm Verification – This is where an intruder detection system has integrated CCTV cameras that transmit a single or multiple still images upon activation, enabling the ARC operator to visually verify and respond to the activation accordingly notifying the relevant authorities.
      • Virtual Video Patrols – This is where the onsite CCTV system automatically transmits video images from the monitored site to the ARC at pre-set frequencies and for a fixed duration. The enables the ARC operator to observe the automatic virtual patrol of the monitored site.
      • Detector Activated CCTV Monitoring – This is where a specifically designed and commissioned CCTV system transmits pre, post and live images from a camera in the event of activation.  This allows the ARC operator to observe the cause of the activation and also the live images from that camera ensuring the appropriate response is initiated.

Call Handling

  • With the implementation of a state of the art 'call centre' standard IP based telephone system, the ARC can provide out of hours call handling on behalf of the customer and Emergency services.